The church circle Greifswald

The Kirchenkreis Greifswald essentially comprises the Hanseatic city of Greifswald and the district of Ostvorpommern.

It originated as a result of the structural reform of the Pomeranian Evangelical Church. Instead of 14 church circles, the Pomeranian Evangelical Church has had four church districts since 1.1.1997: Greifswald, Stralsund, Demmin and Pasewalk.

The Kirchenkreis Greifswald has united five previous church districts, which are still recognizable in the regions of the parish convent.

The district synod (synod = common path) is the representation of all parishes of the parish, so to speak, „their parliament“, but with one difference: it is not voted on by parties or factions, but it – depending on the circumstances – rescheduled.

The district synod decides on the budget of the parish circle as well as on the own tasks of the parish circle. It has especially to promote the church’s child and youth work and the Diakonie and to give suggestions for the church work in the church circle and beyond. The chairman of the district synod is called the president.

Report of the Superintendent:
The Report of the Superintendent Ulrich Tetzlaff at the District Synod of the Church Circle Greifswald on December 8, 2007: Report (150 KB)